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by Michael Stevens, Alpine, Texas

More of Michael at NAMM 2017

Michael talks about his 30th anniversary Fender Esquire with John Daniel Garcia in Big Bend Now:

… and with Dan Erlewine (1:24-2:14) at the NAMM Show 2017:

Michael at NAMM 2017

Michael was recently at NAMM as part of the The Fender Custom Shop Founders Design Project

Read More:

NAMM 2017: Fender Custom Shop commemorates 30th Anniversary with Founders series

Recently Shipped: “Gretschoid on Acid”

Stevens Guitars in Jim Roberts’ “American Basses”

From the archives.

Stevens Slant basses are featured in Jim Roberts’ comprehensive book on American-made electric and acoustic bass guitars: American Basses: An Illustrated History and Player’s Guide to the Bass Guitar.

American Basses CoverAmerican Basses Stevens

Available from Amazon.

Danny Gatton’s LJ

“A lot of Danny buzz going around so I thought this appropriate. Typical of Danny, he was tinkering with his LJ when he left us. Pictures unassembled are from George Gruhn’s shop where it was for sale for a really short time. The others are after I gave it a facelift for the new owner. Danny had Les Paul’s signature on one guitar and Willie Nelson’s on another, and he insisted I sign this one.” -MS.

This LJ (#30) was given to Danny by Fender and Michael Stevens and signed by Michael (under the top coat) before leaving the Custom Shop. As Danny was the consumate tinkerer it went through some changes. When Joe Barden got his double blade humbucking pickups finished they were added and Danny changed out a few other parts. After his death it ended up for sale at Gruhn’s in disrepair. It sold quickly and was cobbled back together and finally sent to Michael to upgrade it with current style parts, but otherwise still able to be returned to stock the way he received it if desired.

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