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Electric Guitars, Basses and Mandolins
by Michael Stevens, Alpine, Texas

Will is a Southern CA player who does everthing from Hendrix to Nat King Cole to Beatles. His band ‘Cross Country’ is the only local band in Southern Cal to do a sold out show at The Crazy Horse Saloon!


I’ve been playing Stevens’ guitars since 1990. My first one is an LJ serial #3, honeyburst, sister to the prototype presented to Eric Johnson. Second one is Gypsy Rose Classic (see Michael’s Classic Gallery – bottom-left vertical shot). Third one is in the pic, LJ Purple Pinky. Last time I took it out, players’ comments were "best articulation I’ve ever heard! I’m seeing a g—-nish style guitar, but I’m hearing a f—-r! Dude, it’s outrageous!" (Remember, I’m in the OC when I’m not in the mountains at Lake Arrowhead.)

Somebody say "scuse me while I kiss the sky…"

Will Richardson

Listen to Will shredding on his LJ…

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