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Electric Guitars, Basses and Mandolins
by Michael Stevens, Alpine, Texas

Michael Stevens is a unique and extraordinarily gifted craftsman, designer and builder of instruments. He exemplifies the term "Master Builder," with an unmatched attention to detail. An instrument (or a hammer for that matter) hand-built by Michael is a thing of utmost beauty and highest quality, a "tool" that might well qualitfy as "work of art."

Michael and I began work together in the early eighties, on our first design project: the bass originally known as the "Roscoe Beck model" six-string bass. I played my Stevens six-string both live on the road and in the studio for more than ten years, and still own (and play) my Stevens/Beck six-string model #2 (which somewhat resembles the current Stevens "Slant Six" model.)

O.K. Mike, where’s my #3?


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