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Electric Guitars, Basses and Mandolins
by Michael Stevens, Alpine, Texas

Recently Shipped — New Fetish X

Stevens Guitars in the August and September 2017 issues of The Guitar Magazine

There are two features on Michael Stevens/Stevens Guitars in the August 2017 and September 2017 issues of The Guitar Magazine.

The Guitar Magazine - August 2017 featured on Michael Stevens

The Founders Keepers (August, 2017) article is available online at
Digital and hardcopy versions of the issues can be found here.

Recently Shipped — Rock and Roll Machine!

Recently Shipped: Bluegrass Bound

A Double-Necked Legend: The Story Behind the Custom Shop’s #0001 Guitar

Fender take a look back at the Custom Shop’s first build: a double-necked Stratocaster/Esquire built by Michael in 1986.

Original Master Builder Michael Stevens' unique Stratocaster/Esquire is widely known to be the Custom Shop's first build.

Read about it here.

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